WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ... and you need us!

Volunteering at AOH is a great way to get in shape, give back to the community and feel really good about yourself.

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AOH's riding facility is located at 44 Puttker Road in No. Stonington, CT.


We offer services in:

  • Therapeutic riding
  • Able Body riding
  • Horse training
  • Carriage driver training
  • Horse camp (day & week-long) (therapeutic or able body riding)
  • Horse shows - Schooling and Rated shows



Call 401.364.6106 for more information. We're very busy taking care of a lot of things. If you aren't able to reach us, please leave a message. Messages are checked often and we will return your call.


We're Excited to Offer an AOH
Exclusive Bangle and Charm Bracelet

The bracelet* shown here has been hand crafted especially for AOH. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of it directly supports your riding school.

Please visit the Etsy website and enter Angels On Horseback in their search bar to purchase.

*There is no affiliation with Alex & Ani.



Proceeds from all of our promotions and events benefit the continued support of your riding school.

You may donate through PayPal, or through one of the trusted organizations on the left.

Your riding program relies solely on the generosity of others through our events, promotions and donations.

Call 401.364.6106 for more information about the program. Or visit our Special Promotions and Upcoming Events pages for.

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